Recover Previous Overcharges

First, our team provides leading class-action recovery services with no risk or expenses.

Recover Previous Overcharges

Our experienced team analyzes and cross references your company with our database of class-action suits, then we handle the paperwork and claim recovery process for you. As an ongoing commitment, your company’s eligibility for future claims is also checked continuously.

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Audit Current Expenses & Taxes

Next, we analyze your expenses and taxes to find savings opportunities you're missing.

Audit Current Expenses & Taxes

Without changing vendors or processes, our relationships, expertise, and auditing procedures lead to savings of typically over $200,000. We watch for changes in legislation that produce new opportunities, reduce taxes, and audit expenses, which creates ongoing savings and protection from price fixing and market manipulation.

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Advanced Tax Planning Strategies

Then, we implement advanced tax strategies to get your business under 10% effective tax rate.

Advanced Tax Planning Strategies

After your expenses have been engineered to realize the lowest costs possible, and audited to insure there are no excess charges, we get to work implementing tax strategies. These tax strategies are so advanced, that our team guarantees we can get your business under 10% tax rate.

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Zero Cost Credit Card Processing is Here!

Our platform is the first in the U.S. that ensures compliance with these new rules. In about 30 days, we can help you add 1%-4% back to your bottom line!

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What We Do

There is simply no one that does what we do. We provide forward thinking companies access to solutions, at no upfront cost or risk, reserved for Fortune 500 companies that staff the specialist in house that everyone else can’t afford to retain. Our process is simple:

First, our Recover Past and Future Expenses system breaks your company down into two pieces. For the first piece ask yourself: How much money will you spend on expenses over the next 10 years? If we could show you a simple adjustment that would allow you to retain 50-75% of those dollars, with no cost or obligation, would you want to learn how?

The second piece to Phase 1 is Recovering Past Expenses; dollars that you should have never lost in the first place! We review Class Action Lawsuits that have been settled, apply for any and all eligible cases, and recover dollars that you didn’t know you were entitled to. In some cases they are 6- or 7-figure checks. As an ongoing commitment, we also continue to check your eligibility for future claims and file for maximum benefit as they become available. Find out how much money you’re entitled to!

Next, we work on your Expense Reduction & Workplace Efficiency for forward savings. There are only two ways to increase profitability. Increase Revenue, or Cut expenses. Expense efficiency is the process of breaking down every expense you have and running it through our screening process to provide reductions and reduce overages to maximize profits with little to no work on your part. We are so confident we can provide substantial value that we’ll donate to charity on your behalf if we are unsuccessful as well as donating to charity even if we are successful. We also work on Eliminating Business Debt; for most businesses, this gets them out of debt in 4 years or less by simply reorganizing how debt is paid without increasing the dollars being spent (this is not debt consolidation!). Workplace efficiency is a process centered around getting your employees out of debt in 9 years or less, thus increasing workplace efficiency, cutting down on pressure for raises, and drastically reduces the time employees spend on personal finance on the job. Happier employees = increased production!

The last step is Demanding More from your Tax Professional! We as a society tend to lean on our accountant or CPA for tax advice… but how many of them actually provide proactive tax advice?! Here at BusinessCAPE we are raising the bar on Tax Professionals! We have built a portal that will allow CPA’s to offer the proactive advanced tax planning strategies that they know of, but choose not to use because of the amount of work it would require them to offer these solutions to you! Our portal will allow them to become Tax Strategist, & finally put an end to CPA’s recording history! Only having to preparing tax returns! We will show you the differences and insure your Tax Professional is using every solution available to cut down on your tax bill.. if they are unwilling to offer the best of the best… We will introduce you to one that will! To be 100% sure you have access to every advanced tax strategy you’re eligible for Click Here!

Our team does all of this on a performance basis. We are paid only out of proceeds recovered. Our money is where our mouth is; if we can’t deliver, we don’t get paid!

In short: Business CAPE is here to help you recover and protect past, present, and future cash flow, improving the strength of your bottom line, and your business!

Reduce Expenses. Recover Assets. Increase Revenue.

Let our experts perform a free analysis of your business, and if we find missing revenue, we'll retrieve it for you at no cost.
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“Business CAPE has provided so much value to our company! Some of their findings offered us substantial savings opportunities, and everything they did impacted our bottom line tremendously.”
Hotel Owner in Michigan

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